Step 1. Research

Just like a medical self-diagnosis can be dangerous (if not fatal), a misdiagnosis of your businesses’ website design, web development, or general web technology needs can also be painful (if not fatal). At DBP, we are a collaborative team of problem solvers that are eager to assist you in avoiding any potential pitfalls and achieving your business goals.


Step 2. Prototype

Consumers have different screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems. It is no longer effective or efficient to target individual devices. Your application and content must be fluid and capable of being elegantly formatted for the user’s device. Our team of web designers and developers proactively recognise and adapt to tomorrow’s devices.


Step 3. Design

Depending on the prototype we create the design of the application. And collaborate with you after every page/screen, so that we can get your feedback and re-iterate.


Step 4. Development

Based on the requirements of the project we would choose the best technologies that can solve the problem efficiently and quickly. We have experience with Java, JavaScript, PHP, Go, Python, Wordpress, Shopify.


Step 5. Launch

We help you launch the product and if required even help you market it (via our partners )to your target audience.


Step 6. Support

Our journey doesn't end by launching the product, we will give you two months of support for any bugs or performance issues that come up. We can even help you develop more features.

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