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Experience design

Good design doesn’t just work—it makes us feel.

That emotional x-factor is what hooks us, driving irrational customer loyalty and heartfelt employee engagement.
Tripock Labs fuses user experience design, strategy, and innovation to help companies design a better future.
Ready to bring your vision to life?

Tripock Labs experience design

User experience design is the art and science of crafting how something works and how users interact with it. We combine research, strategy, and design to create digital experiences that spark your users … and your bottom line.

People-centered design

Successful digital products put people first. We help you understand the complete user journey to deliver a context-driven experience—by humans, for humans.

Omnichannel foundation

Your customer experience spans channels, products, and customer journey stages. At Tripock Labs, UX touches all aspects of our business—from enterprise-wide software implementations to consumer-facing mobile apps—and we can help you do the same.

Collaborative co-creation

We’re in this together. We collaborate with you from start to finish to design tailored, engaging experiences that build competitive advantage and enhance the customer experience.

People + business approach

It’s our job to align great experiences with your business goals.
Our senior-level thinkers, explorers, inventors, designers, and engineers join forces to guide you through our user centered design process, which blends lean and agile methodologies. We’ll work together to test and validate ideas and create easy-to-use experiences that bring your business strategy to life.

Things we do

Experience strategy
  • Audience profiles & research strategy
  • Brand and product definition
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer validation
  • Rapid concept ideation
  • User research (qualitative and quantitative)

Experience design

  • Content strategy, classification, and organization
  • Information architecture and application flows
  • Interaction, visual, and product design
  • Interactive design prototyping
  • Requirements workshops
  • Product and service design
  • Usability testing and synthesis
  • Visual design

Experience design matters

Improve satisfaction

Ensure user value and guaranteed results through integrated feedback loops

Simplify and unify

Reduce redundancies, unify systems and platforms, drive consistency with reusable patterns, and create interface flow and clarity

Increase revenue

Achieve competitive advantages and market share with our compelling design innovation

Reduce costs

Cut costs through increased efficiencies and reduced training expenses and development rework

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